Poker, A True Game of Skill

poker texas hold'emOf all the games out there, poker is probably the game that people think of when someone mentions cards. It conjures images of smokey rooms, blank expressions and players either taking it all, or losing everything. But it’s not just the romanticised publicity that makes poker the most enjoyable game for many. It is the fact that so many features of it hold such an appeal and make it so much more attractive.

The Game Itself

The principle rules of poker are in essence the same as many other games; amass the greatest scoring combination of cards to trump all other players and reap the rewards that lay on the table. However, the appeal of poker is that players are not going to battle with the house; they’re playing against each other. This makes it a true contest that can turn friends into enemies and vice versa; if your sworn enemy runs your competition off the table, then the adage ‘the enemy of my enemy is my friend’ is never truer than in poker.However, it’s not just a case of getting the winning combination. In poker, your opponents can lay their cards out on the table if they feel they have a winning hand, and see what the other players are holding. Becaue of this, the players’ ability to ‘bluff’ is just as important as having the winning card. If the player feels that they have a terrible hand, the importance of appearing to be the winner and getting other players to ‘fold’ is of the utmost importance. Similarly, having a great set of cards may cause a bluffing player to immediately lay their cards out and take the winnings, so either way, the ‘poker face’ is a skill that has to be developed.It’s because of these multi-faceted features that poker holds an appeal over Blackjack or Baccarat; these are simple games of confidence and luck, whereas poker truly is a test of skill and wit. It’s as popular with groups of beginners and casual boys’ nights as it is with professional players who make this game their career. Of course, this description doesn’t do it justice; the greatest fun can only be had by trying the game yourself.