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Start Your Online Casino Today by Following These Steps

Online gambling and casino gaming on the go are popular sources of entertainment, and according to industry experts the industry is expected to grow in the next few years. According to one study it is expected that the number of players and enthusiasts that will take up gaming using their smart phones will grow to 164 million by 2018.

This is just one of the many statistics that paint a rosy industry picture, and a development that easily motivates those who want to tap into the growing demand for this kind of entertainment. Many entrepreneurs and investors are now looking at online casinos as the next best thing when it comes to doing business and providing entertainment for players and enthusiasts. You can do the same thing; start an online casino, and tap into its growing popularity.

But before you jump onto the casino start-up bandwagon, make sure you know the important steps when creating and running an online casino.

  • Step one: Identify your online provider. Assuming the website is ready, the next important step is to identify your provider. The provider is your partner when it comes to providing games, entertainment and services for your customers. The online provider will supply the software that will manage all pertinent operations of the website, from games to account management.
  • Step two: Pay attention to the quality of games and services offered by the software provider. You will encounter two kinds of providers: those that develop the games, and providers that supply packages that include games from multiple developers. You can start with some of the best names in the industry, including Microgaming, NetEnt and Playtech.
  • Step three: Know the existing regulations. As an online casino operator, you also need to comply with existing rules and laws. Know the rules and best practices by getting the information from industry insiders who understand the basic rules of online casino gaming.

Starting an online casino is never easy, but following the recommended steps and working with industry experts can help make the job stress free.

3 of the best card games in casinos

Although online slots have become extremely popular, it’s the classic card games that are still attracting many players to these websites. Some of these games have been around for decades, but have been updated with new features and other bonuses to enhance game play. Here are the 3 best card games in casinos.


winning hand in pokerPoker is believed to have originated in Louisiana, USA, and is today one of the world’s most popular card games. The original game has lead to a number of spin-offs, including Omaha Hold’em, Texas Hold’em, 7-card Stud, and others – many of which are available to play at online casinos. Live poker is also becoming popular, and allows players to see the dealer live via video link. Players can also communicate with the dealer and each other by using a live chat feature. Regardless of the type of poker you play online, the premise is similar. A player will need to make a bet in the first round (called a blind), before bets are matched or increased as the game develops. If you are lucky, you will be able to generate large cash jackpots when playing poker online. However, always do your research when searching for the right online casino, especially as websites have different payout percentages.


Black JackSometimes referred to as ’21’, blackjack is another popular card game that is now among the star attractions at many online casinos. Blackjack is all about making the right move at the right time, and to gain the ‘upper hand’. There are a number of blackjack varieties at some of the most popular online casinos, and large cash jackpots are often available. Some casinos allow you to play demo versions of their blackjack games, where you will be able to familiarise yourself with the game before making a cash deposit, or just play for fun.


ladies playing rummyRummy is another card game that can be played online. Sometimes played with two sets of cards, players will need to form different sets and sequences in order to win prizes. Although not as popular as poker or blackjack, rummy has its own core group of devotees, and you will be able to join a table at various online casinos.