Online Casinos Versus Land-Based Casinos – Pros and Cons

Online casinos are popping up everywhere as never before. It´s certainly a popular choice for casino gamblers and many players prefers this option over the traditional land-based casinos. What is it about the online gaming industry that´s so appealing to players?

Despite it´s slow start in 2014 when first legalized in the US, the online casino industry has really grown in popularity over the last years. There are several reasons for this, however there are still benefits playing at land-based casinos though, that you simply can´t get from playing online. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons whether you´re playing online or the traditional way.

Flexibility – The online casinos greatest attribute

Playing online from your own home may be the most convenient choice. You can play whenever you like and more recently from wherever you like, as more and more casinos offer remote access via iPads and smartphones. This flexibility also comes with the risk of distraction. This means that it´s easier for the player to switch to another competing casino site or simply just quit the game if he or she gets frustrated. This does benefit the players because the competition between the casinos is fierce and will drive up the bonuses and promotions. There are some risks involved when playing online, which is why government bodies are in place to offer protection It´s wise to read up on what to consider before choosing a casino.

Land-based casinos – All about the experience

For some players it isn´t all about the money, they prefer the “real thing”, meaning a traditional casino. Land-based casinos offer a unique experience which online casinos can´t fully provide. An upcoming threat to the land-based casinos is the live online casinos now popping up everywhere providing more social interaction.