Try Snus Instead of Cigars at The Casino

Cigars and casinos…these words have a nice, alliterative ring to them. They also go well together, especially if you are at a high-stakes table, relishing a run of good fortune.

Smoking, however, has lost its old-school charm, and is now viewed as irresponsible behaviour, especially if you are in the company of those that do not smoke. Second-hand cancer is real. Besides, there are very few casinos in the world where you are still allowed to puff and play. So, what to do to satisfy those nicotine cravings, and not let them put you off your game?

Smokeless Alternative

You can have the best of both worlds with Swedish snus. The smokeless tobacco product ensures that you receive the nicotine rush, without posing a health risk to others. It does not get more win-win than this. And you also come across as a caring, conscious player – not to mention stylish and suave – by opting for an alternative. The best part is that snus comes in a variety of flavours that you can try.

The other advantage of opting for the smoke-free option is that you can, over a period of time, wean yourself off the addictive tobacco. Studies have shown that nearly half the number of people who adopt snus have been able to quit smoking.

Why Snus is an Intelligent Alternative

Created with premium materials, the smoke-free alternative is easy to carry around and even easier to use. Simply place a portion between your lower lip and gum. The snus will then work its magic.

The controlled release provides a sustained nicotine high.

Snus has been a Swedish secret, but not any longer. The world is waking up to a tried and tested tobacco option that is far healthier than a cigarette. Add to that the role it plays in responsible nicotine consumption, and you have a product that meets style with substance.